Our Approach

We believe direct import is the best way of doing business. Our expertise and experience eliminate the need for several middle man or intermediaries between the manfuacturer and the retailer.We empower the manufacturer to ship directly. It's smart and efficient.

Traditional Trade Company Approach


The traditional model and Yuanfeng mode

    • Traditional trading companies usually work with several factories to source the same product and often enjoy a one sided relationship.
    • Some even utilize distribution companies in the United States to help facilitate logistics and sales.
    • We believe this approach is less efficient, less stable for the manufacturer and more costly in the long run for the retailers.
    • YUANFENG works directly with key manufacturing partners to establish long term relationships and empower them to do what they do best.
    • We ship factory direct, keep overhead to absolute minimum and offer unparalleled support along the way.
    • We utilize direct sales channels and do not rely on importers or distributors. We pass the cost savings onto our retail partners.


A manufacturer was once asked by a trading company to develop a private label product for a well known U.S. retailer. This manufacturer invested over $15,000 in tooling and has made a significant effort to develop requested items and establish production. Unfortunately, the factory had only received a single order before the trading company decided to change suppliers again. We believe such approach is simply wrong. It is also counterintuitive, inefficient and ultimately leads to higher cost and diminished product quality for the retailer.

What We Do

We understand the import business. It's what we do everyday. We leverage our resources, expertise and decades of experience to help our suppliers achieve growth and improved sales. As part of the YUANFENG family our manufacturers receive unparralled support every step of the way.


    U.S. based sales team provides direct access to leading retailers along with market analysis, product analysis, sales presentation and support.


    Extensive supply chain experience enables us to smoothly and efficiently handle product distribution from A to Z.


    All artwork and packing development is handled internally. Our team takes care of every detail, so you don't have to.


    We take the guesswork out of the retail process and help our suppliers pass all social audits, order audits and compliance reviews.


    All products sold and distributed by YUANFENG are covered by our product liability insurance. We also cover freight insurance when applicable.


    We support our factories and stand by the products we make. We offer 24/7 customer support to both retailers and suppliers.